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Validate.Trade delivers pre-UAT advantage

The next release of Validate.Trade, scheduled for the end of July, will once again contain a “pre-UAT” version of rules that our clients can access.

But, let’s take a step back. What does “pre-UAT” mean and what advantages does it deliver?

When we say pre-UAT, we are referring to a configuration of Validate.Trade that implements a set of rules before the DTCC makes them available in their UAT environment. This lead-time extends the runway for clients to prepare for changes in the GTR.

For example, our users recently gained a three-month head start this June to prepare for ESMA L2 rules that will be in the GTR’s UAT environment in September.

In our upcoming release for MAS Phase 3, we will be implementing rules that validate “Part 1A” fields (including valuations) for credit and interest rate derivatives. Since the GTR will have a UAT environment ready for testing these fields by the end of September, our clients can start testing a full two months in advance of UAT.

In other words, pre-UAT means adding months to the time that you have to test new fields and validation rules. The growing list of subscribers to Validate.Trade are already reaping the benefits of staying ahead of the curve.

– Lloyd Altman, Partner & Global Head, Validate.Trade


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