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The Biggest Loser Challenge

The New York office concluded its 8 week Biggest Loser challenge on May 25, 2016. We had 6 participants who worked hard to determine the winner in three categories: most pounds lost, highest percentage of weight lost, and greatest percentage loss in body fat. There were heated conversations on which diet and exercise programs were the most effective. The team used all means available to them – from climbing up the 11 floors into the office to making alliances on how to take down the weekly leader (think cakes/donuts etc.). We are proud to announce that Dan Pletzer won all 3 categories! He was very gracious in his win and bought us a beautiful cake so we could all celebrate with him. Just to round off the stats, the team lost a combined total of 31.8lbs. Here’s to a healthier summer for all!

The Biggest Loser