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Partnering to Deliver a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

The new CIO at a national bank put forth a number of disruptive targets to his organization; one of them was an ambitious move to a private cloud.

The Challenge

The challenges of this project are both immense and complex. Financially, the bank need to extract ROI from a private cloud beyond simple virtualization while affecting the organizational change that would allow for the efficient use of the new paradigm.

At the same time, the private cloud space is changing at a breathtaking speed. The constant churn creates fissures and technical problems that need to be continuously addressed.

The Delivery

After comprehensive analysis, Risk Focus steered away from a large full-service solution and towards a componentized architecture of mostly open source projects. To achieve the ROI, Risk Focus targeted the higher-value features that PaaS enables without embracing a traditional PaaS solution that will preclude the majority of the existing applications in the bank from getting on the cloud.

Breaking down the architecture into best-of-breed components yielded tremendous advantages in agility, but introduced a large number of moving parts from different vendors. Risk Focus worked with the client, as well as with a number of vendors, to define the vision and design and execute the ultimate delivery. The ultimate success of the project was dependent upon building and leveraging these partnerships.

The Result

In just four months, Risk Focus was able to deliver a working environment implementation that is being used by the Line of Business teams for development. The current implementation allows for tenant isolation, declarative orchestration of the infrastructure (using TOSCA) and service catalogs.

Risk Focus is on track to deliver a production-grade installation in less than a year with the ability to control the entire SDLC flow across environments – from development to production. The result is not simply the ability to spin up and down VMs, but rather a wholesale industrialization of the IT delivery process.

This solution will enable the client to dramatically shorten software release cycles, reduce infrastructure costs and improve quality.


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