SFTR Shorts, Part 5

By: rts

The fifth part of the ‘SFTR Shorts’, a series of bite-sized discussions around various aspects of the Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR). Alan McIntyre, Senior BA and Industry Relations Lead at Regtek.Solutions drills into various aspects of the reporting requirements under SFTR and identifies some of the challenges that firms will need to consider.


MiFID II Technical Standards Will Challenge Trading Desks, and Provide an Opportunity for Vendors

MiFID II’s pre- and post-trade reporting rules are detailed and specific by asset class or sub-class, and firms will require an integrated, data-driven decision process at the front end to have any chance of achieving compliance. But many firms don’t have the technology or processes required to meet the regulations, and they will be looking for support from vendors in the form of new data services, outsourced expertise and software tools.