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Splunk vs. ELK: Part 2 Support

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Splunk versus ELKSplunk Support vs. ELK Support

Part of the total value comparison between Splunk and ELK is support, both from the vendor and the surrounding community.

“Wait, ELK support isn’t free?”

If you’re going to implement and run mission-critical IT monitoring tools, then proper support level agreements (SLAs) and enterprise-level engineering processes are mandatory.

Splunk is a fully integrated indexing and analytics package with enterprise-level support from both Splunk, Inc. and the huge Splunk developer community. Buying a Splunk license provides these critical support items. Splunk has supported thousands of installations worldwide.

ELK now offers paid support, SLAs, etc. These services are not free and essentially push ELK into the “freemium” model.  Not a bad move on ELK’s part, just unproven.  ELK paid support doesn’t yet have experience supporting hundreds of large corporations.

“Is our IP protected?”

Splunk has operated a secure support infrastructure for years.

The ELK open source community is very active with support but there are no data confidentiality, security or IP protections when sharing an issue with the ELK community. This lack of IP protection does not pass stringent financial, healthcare or defense industry requirements.

“What if something goes really wrong?”

ELK = elasticsearch + logstash + kibana. These are three different businesses (aka “projects”) which have a symbiotic relationship.  Relying on three different open source businesses for one solution carries significant operational and legal risk.

Splunk, Inc. is a major publicly listed company with deep pockets and well-defined operations. They are a viable and stable corporate partner presenting little risk.

“Can I trust the vendor’s partners to do solid work?”

Splunk has a rich network of preferred domain experts like Risk Focus that must go through intensive training and certification. The installation and app development work Splunk partners do is generally reliable and meets mission-critical engineering standards.

ELK consultancies are emerging, but the community does not yet have a disciplined and well-trained network of implementation partners held firmly to common standards.  ELK has no leverage over independent ELK implementation consultants to follow their standards.  Buyer beware.

We are open source proponents, but these issues merit serious consideration when dealing with complex regulated institutions like banks, brokers, asset managers and exchanges.

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