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Risk Focus Spring Picnic 2014 - RTS

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Risk Focus Spring Picnic 2014

Bike RidingOn Sunday May 4, Risk Focus employees, families and friends celebrated the return of sunshine to New York City with a fun picnic in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow.

After a long Winter, a great turnout of sun-lovers showed up to celebrate Spring 2014 and feast on company-sponsored hors d’oevres and wine on a beautiful New York afternoon.

To celebrate another successful year, Risk Focus colleagues and their children played Frisbee and Nerf football, climbed trees and frolicked in the grass.

The Team Water Balloon Toss was held, a great American pastime.  A delighted Risk Focus Engineer Dimitar and his daughter beat over 10 other teams to win 100 Care Bucks and bragging rights until 2015.

The Sunshine Gods blessed our crew with 3 hours of warmth, followed by a light Spring shower as the picnic finished for the day.

GiveDirectly.orgWe also launched the annual Spring Picnic 50/50 Care Bucks Raffle, with 50% of the cash going to the winner and 50% going to the winner’s charity of choice. Risk Focus Engineer Alek and his wife took home the winning ticket.  The couple graciously asked Risk Focus to donate the other half to GiveDirectly.org, a charity that gives money directly to poor families in Kenya and Uganda for their personal and family needs.

The Spring Picnic 2014 was a fun event to celebrate our employees and their success!

Tree climbing in Central ParkTeamBaby @ picnicFamily

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