Validate.Trade is used throughout the reporting solution lifecycle to deliver ACCURATE Trade and Transaction Reporting
Our solutions support Development and Testing (Pre-Production) as well as Operations and Compliance (Production)


Development Solutions: Supporting the teams responsible for the design, development,
testing and maintenance of Regulatory Reporting Systems, Software and Processes.

Automated Regression Testing
The Most Widely Adopted Pre-Production Value Case for Validate.Trade

Improves Time to Market while reducing Operational Risk and Cost through aggressive automation of Regression Testing.

Automating regular, high volume regression test runs against a Transparent, SLA maintained API allows Software Delivery Teams to hold the Quality of the evolving trade reporting software to a trusted standard.

Run thousands or millions of trade simulations through the latest code build to ensure the validated output remains consistent with a prior builds. Teams rely on detailed reconciliation of the latest run vs. a benchmark run to validate the quality of the build. Increases build quality and reduces manual overhead, greatly accelerating delivery cycles.

Importantly, clients can configure the Regression environment to match current or future production behavior align with internal delivery cycles and timing.

Advanced Acceptance Testing

Testing Early and Often against a trusted API reduces the Risk, Stress and Cost associated with meeting ongoing Regulatory and Repository changes.

Our Service Level Agreement ensures that Validate.Trade is always ahead of the market change. We track regulations and work with our partner Repositories to offer early replication of new regulatory and repository impacts. This is particularly important for stakeholders responsible for delivery of significant regulatory changes.

Upcoming changes of note include:

Analyst Diagnostics

Improved transparency and interactive user tools drive better understanding of new Trade and Transaction Reporting requirements. Business Analysts use our rich, SLA backed API and User Workbench to understand messaging and data changes driven by regulators or repositories.

With the flexibility to validate current messages and upgraded messages against current and future validation rules analysts can clearly understand the impact of the changes and generate test cases and specifications that will improve the delivery of the updated trade reporting solution.

Our BETA implementations of major regulatory implementations are available today for analysis:

QA Diagnostics
Interactive Investigative Tools

Improved Change Management Practices and higher quality tools for Quality Assurance Testing. QA Teams use our rich, interactive tools to build out new test cases and to compare expected vs. actual behavior during Quality Assurance Test runs

Early access to an API that replicates the target Repository behavior gives QA teams advance notice on changes and allows them to generate test cases that fully exercise new software deliveries.

Per our SLA, BETA implementations of major regulatory implementations are available today for QA Teams:

Load Testing
Performance and Scalability

Future Proof systems, Mitigate Risk and avoid surprises by testing Extra large scale message streams or batch files against a simulated reporting environment.

Validate.Trade can be scaled to meet any market SLA for throughput of trades, processing large queues of data or large data files at rates that meet or exceed the target repositories capacity. This allows clients to fully stress their systems on a periodic basis and to ensure that software changes and upgrades do not degrade performance.

End-to-End Testing
System Integration Testing

Increase confidence and ensure completeness of reporting systems. Full solution lifecycle testing requires trade and transaction reporting to be tested from origination to monitoring of repository results.

Validate.Trade puts control in the hands of the client to test the entire trade and transaction reporting flow against configurations to match the specific testing cycle. This could mean BETA, Pre-UAT, UAT or Production configurations.

Validate.Trade’s unique EMULATION capability allows client systems to interact with supported Repositories through an identical API for outbound and inbound messages. In GTR terms, this means ACK’s, NACK’s and WACK’s can be delivered in standard GTR Format (CSV or FpML)

Unit Testing

Developers can test new and updated code regularly, iteratively and proactively against any configuration of the end repository API.

Provides developers with a live & configurable version of the specification against which to test their code, supported by our SLA. Improves first time quality of the delivered reporting software.


Andy Green

Global Sales and Business Development | RegTek Solutions

Andrew Green is a derivatives professional with 20 years’ experience across financial regulations, operations, middle office and program management. Prior to joining Risk Focus, Green was at DTCC , where he lead the development and delivery of the Equity Derivatives Trade Repository. Then he created and lead the Global Account Management and Sales teams for DTCC’s derivatives and repository services.

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