Provides confidence & control to direct or delegated reporting parties,
identifies over-reporting, under-reporting & duplicates
Pre-reporting Decision Engine
Configurable reporting determination engine
  • Global reporting determination logic
  • Multi-asset class and jurisdiction
  • Integrates with source systems
Post-reporting Completeness Control
Independent reporting eligibility checks
  • Maintained eligibility rules
  • Reconcile vs. actual reporting activity
  • Real-time or batch solutions
Delegated Reporting Reconciliation
Robust oversight of delegated reporting
  • Delegated report determination rules
  • Reconcile vs internal OMS
  • Cloud hosting available
  • - Automated controls, reduce manual effort
  • - Licensed software cheaper than in-house build
  • - Optional cloud deployment reduces IT cost
Better Control
  • - Independent “completeness” controls
  • - Delegating firms keep control of your reporting
Robust Compliance
  • - Market-tested engine, right the first time
  • - Belts and braces approach ensures compliance
  • - Delegated parties can prove compliance


Regulators require Reporting Firms to implement robust Swaps Supervisory Systems
Reportable.Trade is an Independent Control designed specifically for the purpose of Supervision of Trade Reporting.

Reportable.Trade, like Validate.Trade is an automated and cost effective way to build confidence in your Reporting Systems

More Reportable.Trade…

  • Is trade repository agnostic and can work across TR’s
  • Is being developed in partnership with tier 1 clients
  • Is fully integrated with Validate.Trade to support Accuracy & Completeness Checks
  • Can be deployed On-Premise or as a Secure Cloud Based Service
  • Is stateless and can be easily integrated into existing trade reporting flows
  • Comes with a rich user interface to support transparency and diagnostics
  • Comes with a support SLA to ensure it keeps pace with the market
  • Is horizontally scalable and can process millions of events in minutes
  • It operates in both Real-Time or Batch mode
  • It supports JMS, HTTPS and sFTP Interfaces

Andy Green

Global Sales and Business Development | RegTek Solutions

Andrew Green is a derivatives professional with 20 years’ experience across financial regulations, operations, middle office and program management. Prior to joining Risk Focus, Green was at DTCC , where he lead the development and delivery of the Equity Derivatives Trade Repository. Then he created and lead the Global Account Management and Sales teams for DTCC’s derivatives and repository services.

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