Built for firms that use the DTCC Portal or sFTP to load files to the Global Trade Repository
the Load.Trade workflow is as simple as A > B > C
GTR-configured CSV File
  • Any format: CORE, ETD, OTC lite
  • Any asset class: EQ, IR, CR, CO, FX
  • Any jurisdiction: CFTC, EMIR, Cad, HKMA, JFSA, MAS, ASIC
Automatically or On-demand
  • Get reporting right before it fails
  • Identify and resolve issues
  • Able to update and re-validate
Load.Trade bridge does the rest
  • Securely sends files to GTR
  • Tracks progress in real-time
  • Provides alerts and audit trail
  • - Pre-validation, less errors, less manual effort
  • - Cloud hosted, no infrastructure required
Better Control
  • - Historical archive, know what you’ve reported
  • - Trade-level diagnostics, rapid resolution
Robust Compliance
  • - Pre-validation improves compliance
  • - Historical archive proves compliance


1. PRE-VALIDATION – Integrated with Validate.Trade
2. TRANSPARENCY – Audited submission and response actions
3. SIMPLIFICATION – A single solution for all asset classes and jurisdictions