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On the road again…

It’s been a whirlwind first four months since I joined Risk Focus to run our software business. When I joined, our only software product was Validate.Trade, which, if you’ve seen the June 4 press release, is being adopted not only by 8 top Investment Banks, but by the DTCC itself for internal use.

Right now I’m on a medium-small jet to Toronto to visit a bank that is already a client of Validate.Trade and wants to discuss how we can help them with next problem that banks are asking us to solve – reporting eligibility. The timing is great – we’re already building our eligibility module Reportable.Trade for another bank, and it seems that every existing client’s ears perk up when we mention that we’re building it.

This will be our second module of our Report-it.Trade software suite, which will soon contain modules to support all aspects of G-2 Trade Respository reporting. By the end of 2015, our clients will be live in production with some combination of Validate.Trade for data quality and GTR emulation, Reportable.Trade for reporting eligibility, and Load.Trade which will do the actual submitting of trade reports to the GTR.

A major part of my job is to go where our clients are. While many are in New York City, where our offices are and where I live, it’s no surprise that I’ve been to London twice in the past two months, and yesterday I had the pleasure of driving all over the Garden State of New Jersey.

The best way to sum up the first four months is that I’m having the type of fun that comes from waking up and looking forward to the work day ahead, and coming home when you realize that the day has flown by without noticing what time it is already. It’s gratifying to have a software product that takes a burden off of clients, and hearing that expressed face-to-face.

Time to get ready for our descent into Toronto!

– Lloyd Altman, Partner & Global Head, Validate.Trade