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Invitation to free EMIR webinar


Get Ready for the November 1st EMIR Reporting Big Bang

Free Webinar | Thursday, 22nd June, 2017 | 3pm BST (11am ET)

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RegTek.Solutions  and The OTC Space are pleased to invite you to this free webinar.  

In January 2017, ESMA published its Final Report Review of the Regulatory and Implementing Technical Standards on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR, the implementation of which is scheduled for November 1, 2017.

The changes cover diverse areas including product and entity identifiers, margin, collateral, UTIs, notionals, positions, new fields and increased validation.  Firms currently reporting to a TR under EMIR  must have implemented and tested their changes well in advance of November 1st to ensure compliance. ESMA also published their validation rules spreadsheet with 129 individual rules to be applied to reported data to ensure both format and valid values are correct.

In this webinar we will talk through some of the biggest changes and consider how they impact the preparation of your data for reporting. We will talk about why some of these changes aren’t just a format problem but involved sourcing data from within their firm to then calculate the required values for the reports.

Topics to be Discussed:

  • What the new fields, validations and rules mean
  • Highlights of the fields where valid values change
  • The approach your firm needs to take to prepare
  • An easy way to independently test your reporting output data, using the EMIR-Ready service

We will highlight the impact of some of these changes using the RegTek.Solutions’  EMIR-Ready service, which has been developed to provide a safe and easy way to ensure your EMIR reporting data meets the regulatory rules. The same platform is used by over a dozen global banks to test their data – we think you’ll see why when we explain how easy it is to use.


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Brian Lynch, CEO, RegTek.Solutions

Alan McIntyre, Industry Relations Lead,  RegTek.Solutions

Stuart McClymont, Managing Director, base60 Consulting

Mark Steadman, European Head of Product Development, DerivServ, DTCC

Bill Hodgson, Owner, The OTC Space    Moderator

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