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Infographic – Top 10 changes to EMIR Reporting under the new RTS

In January 2017, ESMA published its Final Report Review of the Regulatory and Implementing Technical Standards on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR, the implementation of which is scheduled for November 1, 2017; the deadline for backloading has been pushed out by two years to February 2019.

The Report contains a summary of the proposed changes, and breaks them down into 18 categories. One of the original intents of the new RTS, alignment with reporting requirements under MiFIR, has been watered down and will only apply for newly-introduced fields as well as for those fields that will change allowable values.

Click here for an Infographic that depicts the Top 10 changes to EMIR Reporting under the new RTS for which reporting firms will need to pay closest attention in the coming months in order to stay compliant.

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