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FISH FOCUS – For a Good Cause

For the Saugatuck Cup dinner last two years Risk Focus has made a donation towards the Saugatuck Cup and its great cause of assisting children suffering from serious health issues.

Run by Westport Outfitters in my home town, the Saugatuck Cup is a fun fishing competition that raises money for the 9th Floor Foundation.

The 9th Floor Foundation supports the Children’s Tumor Foundation and Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Hospital. It develops initiatives that engage in educational outreach and public awareness of Neurofibromatosis and pediatric cancers. The event has raised over $200k to date and we hope it will be even bigger next year.

Saugatuck Cup Risk Focus logoThis year the competition was held on October 4th.  It was a thoroughly horrible day weather-wise, but it’s hard to have a bad day fishing, even in the rain. The competition was ‘catch-photo-release’ so even the fish were better off at the end of the day after taking part in this important cause. In previous years team Risk Focus did OK, however this year we were not so lucky.  My fishing partner Dylan managed to catch a couple of striped bass but the rest of us came home cold and empty-handed.  In the end, we were proud to support the 9th Floor Foundation and children in need.

Below are two pictures of our  whopping catch.  Thank you to Brendan for the use of his boat and to Eric and Matt for another great event.

You can learn more about the Saugatuck Cup and this wonderful group’s effort to support children fighting serious illness at the competition’s Facebook page.

– Brian Lynch, Risk Focus CEO and avid [some say cursed] fisherman.

Risk Focus Fish #1 Risk Focus Fish #2