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EMIR Trade Reporting at 3 Years - RTS

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EMIR Trade Reporting at 3 Years

A year ago there were several articles and posts marking the 2nd Anniversary of EMIR Transaction Reporting, which went live on 12th of February, 2014.

This year, perhaps because of all of the focus on getting ready for MiFID II/MIFIR, it seems like everyone has forgotten to say “Happy 3rd Birthday, EMIR Reporting”!

This 3-year-old (like most) requires a LOT of attention. As we have noted before, even after the rollout of ESMA Level 2 in 2015, EMIR Reporting isn’t staying the same. In case readers need a reminder, the following post from October on the Re-write of the Article 9 RTS should jog your memory:



On 21 January 2017 ESMA published the Revised RTS and ITS,  and the compliance date will come before the MIFIR compliance date – on 1 November 2017.

Happy Birthday Indeed!

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