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Don’t Delay, Start Today – Securities Lending Times

Tom Morris, RegTek.Solutions’ Head of Sales for Europe, was interviewed for the latest issue of Securities Lending Times. Answering Jenna Lomax’s questions, Tom shares his predictions for the securities lending industry and tells us more about how firms should be preparing for SFTR. His advice? Don’t Delay, Start Today.

Start testing your data now. You can leverage some of the tools available in the market to get a real head start in terms of readiness, whilst making your vendors selections for trade depositories in the background. Too often firms focus on just the reporting deadline but they need to also consider having tools to constantly monitor the quality of data, to make sure that they get high match rates at the start, and that they are minimising the number of rejections. The regulators have made it very clear that they are going to be monitoring data quality closely, much more so than before. In fact, they have dished up their monitoring capabilities, in terms of headcount and systems to look at the data in more detail.

The magazine is free and available to download here. Make sure to scroll to pages 39 and 40 to read the full interview.

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