ISO 20022 Explained in The OTC Space

“Despite being a relatively new standard, ISO 20022 is gaining increasing significance and traction within the world of European regulatory transaction reporting”, begins the article entitled “The increasing adoption of ISO 20022 in European transaction reporting“, by Alan McIntyre, in the latest edition of Rocket Magazine, published by The OTC Space. In the article, McIntyre proceeds […]


Time To Start Discussing SFTR – Alan McIntyre

In her recent FT article, ‘The hidden pipes of finance may be furring up’, Gillian Tett discusses JP Morgan pulling out of the tri-party repurchase (repo) market. Whilst the article is interesting and illustrates the pressures on Banks to focus their resources on more profitable activities it was really the description of the repo market […]


Validate.Trade Release 1.15 features enhancements for Custom Rules

On Friday, August 26, Risk Focus released  Validate.Trade 1.15, which introduces new rule types that will enhance clients’ ability to create custom rules. The fourth Validate.Trade User Group call, scheduled for the end of September, will be dedicated to a tutorial on creating custom rules. Validate.Trade is the flagship component of Report-it.Trade, the industry’s only Multi Asset Class, Cross […]


Andy Green upcoming “tsunami” of derivatives trade reporting requirements

Andy Green, Global Head of Business Development at Risk Focus, was quoted extensively in a feature article in International Finance Review that you can read here: “New SEC rules fuel concern over swaps reporting ‘tsunami’. The article highlights the new reporting requirements that SEC Regulation SBSR introduces, in particular the impact that will be felt by […]

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Featured Article on Collateral Reporting in the New EMIR RTS

Risk Focus is proud to share a link to the article recently published in Markets Media entitled “Collateral damage in the EMIR RTS Rewrite” by Alan McIntyre and Andy Green (pictured above). In the article the authors describe how, despite Banks and Asset Managers suffering from ‘regulation fatigue’, Collateral reporting stands out among the proposed changes in […]

Brian Headshot

Global Trading Lead Article – Brian Lynch on Regulation, Compliance, and Control

We are excited to share that CEO Brian Lynch’s article has been published on Global Trading and appears as a lead story on the home page of the website. The article, titled “If Regulation is Black and White, Why is Compliance So Grey?”, addresses the difficulties in defining an ‘acceptable level of control’ across various global regulations. Lynch […]

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Achieving Regulatory Convergence – “Just not cricket”

– by Alan McIntyre, Industry Relations Lead, Europe Risk Focus were proud to field a few players at yesterday’s innings at the Kia Oval. Fortunately for yours truly as a Scotsman who is baffled by the sport (and assumes you need a Masters degree in Mathematics just to follow the score!), cricket was not on […]

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Key themes to consider in ESMA’s proposed revised EMIR RTS – by Alan McIntyre, Risk Focus

Key themes to consider in ESMA’s proposed revised EMIR RTS On the 13th of November last year ESMA published their Final Report on the review of the EMIR RTS & ITS (Regulatory and Implementation technical standards) for trade reporting under article 9 of EMIR. As MIFID fever and the rumours of a delay were at […]


For a good night’s sleep – write your tests first

Almost every software developer in an interview can tell you why testing is important, some might be able to explain what test-driven development is all about, but very few actually practice what they preach and almost none consistently have all test cases written before starting development.