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BCBS 239 and Big Data

Srikant Ganesan, Managing Partner of Risk and Trading Solutions at Risk Focus, contributed his thought leadership in a recent IBS Intelligence Journal white paper on “Big Data, Data Warehousing, Analytics, and Emerging Technology”. In the white paper Srikant describes a successful multi-year BCBS 239 project at a major bank as well as the benefits of employing a facade […]

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Srikant Ganesan featured at Risk Americas Conference

Srikant Ganesan, Managing Partner, Risk and Trading Solutions, was featured prominently on both days of the Center for Financial Professionals flagship event, Risk Americas 2016. On Day 1 of the conference Srikant moderated all of the panels and presentations of the Liquidity Risk Stream, and on Day 2 Srikant presented his unique perspective in a presentation entitled […]

Vadim Gelman, Vice President and
Srikant Ganesan, Head of Risk Solutions

Hedge Funds Bolster Risk Management: Evolving Industry Demands Scalable, Flexible Infrastructure

Hedge funds are investing in risk management, stepping up internal scrutiny and preparing for worst-case scenarios. The industry has embraced specialist vendors and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to help implement state-of-the art system architectures that can meet existing and potential requirements, address burgeoning regulations, and enable expansion into new asset classes and strategies.

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What problem are you trying to solve?

Risk Focus distinguishes itself from other staff augmentation and body shop firms by providing niche IT solutions for the capital markets. That is an important distinction I try to articulate when talking to our clients.

In initial discussions, clients frequently ask us, “Do you have Java developers?,” and “Can I get some BAs?” At Risk Focus, we take great pride in working with our clients to resolve tactical or strategic architectural issues. As such, we know that it is our job to understand the problem before throwing resources at it.


BCBS 239 Risk Aggregation: Why Legacy IT Architectures Fail at the Exact Moment You Need Them

Banks and asset managers need to quickly assess levels of exposure aggregated across a variety of dimensions to survive economic crises. Risk by portfolio, instrument type, counterparty, currency, country and securities markets are just a few areas where exposures and losses can increase rapidly.


OpenGamma Wins Waters Sell-Side Technology Award for Best Market Risk Product

The OpenGamma Platform provides real-time market risk management technology that brings unmatched transparency to capital markets operations at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than in-house systems. The platform provides a unified approach to risk management that improves the quality, accuracy and timeliness of data.


Risk Focus Experts to Speak at QCon New York June 9-13, 2014

Risk Focus technology experts will be leading the Modern Finance track at software development conference QCon in New York City from June 9 to 13, 2014.   Led by Risk Focus CTO, Vassil Avramov, the program is titled “Hot Technologies Behind Modern Finance.” The track will examine the adoption of various new technologies within the […]