Lloyd Altman, Global Head of Validate.Trade

Take Control: Swaps Dealers Enhance Controls to Meet Stringent Data Rules

Trade reporting requirements have always been daunting for the derivatives industry. Now, as firms begin to ramp up their existing reporting infrastructure to comply with MiFID II as well as new G20 mandates like ESMA L2, MAS3 L2, and SEC regulations, they need an even more robust control framework to avoid fines related to heightened regulatory scrutiny of more complex data. This infrastructure also needs to ensure that firms avoid under- or over-reporting trades, which can also incur sizeable penalties.


BCBS 239 Risk Aggregation: Why Legacy IT Architectures Fail at the Exact Moment You Need Them

Banks and asset managers need to quickly assess levels of exposure aggregated across a variety of dimensions to survive economic crises. Risk by portfolio, instrument type, counterparty, currency, country and securities markets are just a few areas where exposures and losses can increase rapidly.


Splunk vs. ELK: Part 4 Training and Events

< Back to Part 3 Splunk vs. ELK Training and Events Once you’ve decided to go with Splunk or ELK, now what?  Both platforms are relatively easy to set up and configure with a little determination and judicious use of online instructions.  Beyond that, you will need to acquire the knowledge and educational relationships necessary to […]


Splunk vs. ELK: Part 2 Support

< Back to Part 1 Splunk Support vs. ELK Support Part of the total value comparison between Splunk and ELK is support, both from the vendor and the surrounding community. “Wait, ELK support isn’t free?” If you’re going to implement and run mission-critical IT monitoring tools, then proper support level agreements (SLAs) and enterprise-level engineering […]


Splunk vs. ELK: Part 1 Cost

Risk Focus is an expert implementation partner of Splunk in the financial services arena and a big proponent of the value Splunk delivers.  We have implemented Splunk in numerous banks, funds and clearing/exchange firms across multiple mission-critical use cases. Yet Splunk is not the only log analyzer out there.  In particular, ELK (elasticsearch + logstash + […]