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BREAKING NEWS – Validate.Trade rejects North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law, HB-2

[April 1, 2016]

Risk Focus has joined its peers, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter in condemning HB-2 and threatening to move all of its businesses and subsidiaries out of the state.

Today, as an integrity test for Validate.Trade, Risk Focus fed the full text of North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law, HB-2, into our free service, Validate On Demand.  This is the result that was returned.

ERROR – This law is INVALID

Description: It is discriminatory and does not reflect the values of this software, the firm that makes this software, the clients that use this software, the industry that relies on this software or the countries that support the industries that rely on this software.

Brian Lynch, CEO said “This should come as no surprise. Validate.Trade has proven itself as the world leader in data and message validation, with the integrity demanded by our customers we fully expected this result” he added, “as the world leader in Regulatory Reporting Controls and Compliance Solutions we are happy to join other world leaders in this fight”.


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