About Us

    RegTek is the new home of the Report-it suite of software controls for Global Trade and Transaction Reporting. RegTek is a majority owned subsidiary of Risk Focus Inc., the firm responsible for the original vision, development and distribution of the Report-It Control Suite, including Validate.Trade, Reportable.Trade, Load.Trade & Reconcile.Trade.

    The RegTek mission is simple; Offer cost effective software solutions to firms looking to improve the quality, transparency and control of their regulatory reporting systems.

    Meeting the demands of regulations, both new and existing, continues to be a major source of cost and risk for firms participating in the global financial markets. Regulators demand a high level of quality, control and transparency, the solutions implemented to meet regulations have historically failed to meet the requirements and expectations of the regulators.

    RegTek offers solutions that can be retrofitted to existing Regulatory Reporting Infrastructure or can form the back-bone of new, strategic platforms that will offer the appropriate level of control, transparency and quality assurance, backed by a team of business and technology experts whose sole goal is to build, maintain and support these systems.

    All our systems are offered as securely hosted services on the Amazon cloud. We take a service driven approach where clients can pick and choose the services that meet their specific needs and can bundle one or more solutions together for more expansive challenges.

    For more, visit https://regtek.solutions/ or for a deeper dive into our specific solutions please see;

    Validate.Trade – the multi-venue validation engine covering trade and transaction reporting across multiple TRs, SDRs and ARMs. Provides an unmatched level of data quality assurance and message validation. Used for enhanced change management, system migration & production control.

    Reportable.Trade – the independent completeness control and reporting eligibility engine. Generates reportable events for all major regulations, including; MiFIR, EMIR, CFTC & SEC. Pairing with actual reporting activity identifies Over & Under Reporting & Duplicate reporting messages.

    Load.Trade – The Transaction Reporting engine offering audited transparency and direct control through its unique integration with Validate.Trade supporting pre-validation and enhanced file, data and message transparency, issue identification and diagnostics for FpML & CSV based submissions.

    Reconcile.Trade – Working with the leading reconciliation provider to the financial markets, SmartStream, Reconcile offers turnkey, maintained reconciliations for Trade and Transaction Reporting. Fully integrated with Reportable for 360° Control and Transparency – Complete, Accurate and Correct.