• Reportable.Trade

    Independent Completeness control for Transaction Reporting.
    • Pre-reporting decision engine
    • Post-reporting controls
    • Repository position reconciliation
    • Delegated reporting reconciliation
  • Validate.Trade

    Industry de Facto Standard Accuracy Control for Transaction Reporting.
    • Pre-UAT
    • Automated testing
    • Self-help diagnostics
    • Compliance surveillance
  • Load.Trade

    Hosted trade reporting portal with pre-validation.
    • Pre-validation of GTR files
    • Reporting lifecycle tracking
    • USI/UTI-level diagnostics
    • Load activity archive
  • Reconcile.Trade

    Independent accuracy check for your Regulatory Control Framework.
    • Workflow & Exception Management
    • Pre-built Regulatory adapters
    • Comprehensive matching engine
    • Out of the box Regulatory Reconciliations
Lower Cost
  • Automated controls, reduce manual effort
  • Self-help tools, reduce time to resolution
  • Optional cloud deployment reduces IT cost
  • Automate testing, reduce manual effort
  • Self-help tools, reduce time to resolution
  • Optional cloud deployment reduces IT cost
  • Pre-validation, less errors, less manual effort
  • Cloud-hosted, no infrastructure required
Better Control
  • Independent 'completeness' controls
  • Delegating firms keep control of your reporting
  • Pre-UAT extends testing time and control
  • Self-help tools put control in your hands
  • Real-time quality alerts = real-time action
  • Historical archive, know what you’ve reported
  • Trade level diagnostics, rapid resolution
Robust Compliance
  • Market-tested engine, right the first time
  • Belts and braces approach ensures compliance
  • Delegated parties can prove compliance
  • Improved software and testing = less errors
  • Configurable surveillance monitors compliance
  • Historical reporting proves compliance
  • Pre-validation improves compliance
  • Historical archive proves compliance

Andy Green

Global Sales and Business Development | RegTek Solutions

Andrew Green is a derivatives professional with 20 years’ experience across financial regulations, operations, middle office and program management. Prior to joining Risk Focus, Green was at DTCC , where he lead the development and delivery of the Equity Derivatives Trade Repository. Then he created and lead the Global Account Management and Sales teams for DTCC’s derivatives and repository services.

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